DECEMBER 6- 8, 2020

78th  PAWC Theme:



About Us

The Professional Agricultural Workers Conference (PAWC) is a forum committed to a world that values and promotes equal opportunity equitable access to information and technology for sustainable development of communities and natural resources. The conference began in 1942 mainly with Tuskegee University and local and state support and participation. It is now national in scope including representatives from the national land grant community, and from the state, federal, and private sectors. The 2020 PAWC will be held in December 6th to 8th at the Auburn Marriott Opelika & Kellogg Conference Center, Tuskegee University.

Why Should I Attend

Anyone who is associated with the agricultural industry, whether a farmer, government representative, land-grant college faculty or staff will want to attend to engage with others in the field and explore the latest developments in agriculture and outreach.